A Place called Oyster Watcha Meadow  
About  Us
After 35 + years in the Real Estate Industry on the Vineyard running our family owned Seagull Realty we had raised our three children here it was time to scale down from the house the kids grew up in.. 
We wanted a central location with ocean breezes,
Sunny gardens and quiet privacy ,
Away from summer traffic yet close to town.
A place where homes boasted larger parcels of land.
We looked for 10 years to find the perfect spot
The houses were designed to follow the light of the day
and welcome a huge night sky.
Our "scaling down" ended up actually building
something bigger...that could also be smaller,
Now retired we travel often so sometimes it would sit vacant.
We built the compound  at Oyster Watcha Meadow as a gathering place for our family to use when we could all
gather as a whole or sometimes when it was just the two of us.     With three  grown children now scattered across the country, each with young families of their own, our group can often swell
to 3 Generations consisting of
8 adults and 8 grandchildren plus always a few extra friends, aunts and uncles.
We designed it to use that part of the property we needed at any given time and then rent the rest to help support the property,
keeping it pristine and updated.   It is now our Vineyard Base.
Each year we all come home for what is our tradition we now call
Cousins Week.  It is our time to reconnect and make memories
while enjoying the Island we all have learned to love.

We believe that in today's hectic work and life styles it is most important for families to unplug and have down time that is  truly a respite from day to day's fast paced life.  It has been our goal
to create a retreat that allows for such gatherings and what I love to call "the Wild Rumpus."    
Because we use the property for own family, you can trust it is done with love and attention to detail.
  You can also trust that it is comfortable and welcoming to children of all ages with lots of toys, books
pails and shovels
We believe
our years managing hundreds of Vacation Rental Homes on the Island helped us find the perfect location and perfect the process to hopefully make your vacation one you will forever